A walk in the kingdom of wine

Is Monday after Easter and as tradition says it’s time to an excursion with friends.

So along with Giulia, Erika and Gabriele decided to go to visit the wineries Antinori in Bargino in the heart of Chianti.

The cellars areCantina-Antinori-facciata-esterna located inside of a hill or as they say in Tuscany of a Poggio.

The environment is very modern but very well inserted between the scenarios of the place.

Upon our arrival we are greeted by Guendalina, who today will be our guide in this place really spectacular.

Guendalina invites us to follow and while opens a huge door that mark the entrance to the main winery.

Inside hundreds of casks and barriques sorted in various modern rooms with distinctive traditions of the place as the terracotta floors, the Tuscan mandolate253255_377148139061039_1105580525_n

After completing the guidance of all environments Guendalina brings us into a room made entirely of glass overlooking the cellar where the center is a long wooden table. We have around the table and begin tasting wines that have made the Antinori family famous all over the world.

The bouquet of fragrances, flavors and aromas of this nectar left in me a wonderful memory of this great experience.

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