Lardo of Colonnata

Today I want to talk of Lardo di Colonnata and its manufacture.

The characteristic feature of Lardo s the particular form of processing and conserving pig fat, seasoned in marble vessels.

The area of production of “Lardo” is represented exclusively by Colonnata, mountain-hills of the municipality of Carrara, province of Massa Carrara.604

The Lardo is obtained by corresponding cuts of meat from the fat layer

covering the back of the occipital region to the rump and round to the belly

The ingredients are: natural sea salt, ground black pepper, fresh rosemary, peeled and coarsely diced garlic.

The processing of lardo is seasonal, it takes place from September to May of each year.

The fat must be fresh, within 72 hours of slaughter: is trimmed, coated with salt and then placed in special marble basins, known locally as basins, have previously been rubbed with garlic, alternating layers of lardo with other ingredients to the filling of the container; then the basin is covered.marmo-e-aromi-i-sgreti-di-colonnat.asp19867img1

The basins are containers of white marble in the shape of a bathtub.

The lardo must mature in the basins for a period not less than six months, in premises with little ventilation and no artificial air-conditioning.

Lardo can be eaten in thin slices of toasted bread on which melts by the heat of the slice of bread; but also on grilled vegetables. If you want you can add a drop of honey to create a nice contrast of sweet and salty





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